Applied Cosmic Anthropology
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What is cosmic anthropology

Cosmic Anthropology is the framework and theme that pervades in the development of the subjects discussed in my classes. Put simply, cosmic anthropology is a way of viewing humanity from the cosmic perspective. It is seeking answers to such fundamental questions as: What is this Cosmos we are living in today? What is it made of? Where did it come from? How did it come about? Why did it exist at all? What is our relationship to it? And, what is our role in this vast universe of ours?

It is going back to the beginning of time, space, and matter .

It is a process of learning what the big bang is all about, what the nature of time and space is and understanding our relationship to them. It is finding their value and meaning to our life and existence.

It is going back even to the moment before the Big Bang.

It is seeking answers to questions like: What was there before the Big Bang? Was there another universe before the appearance of our physical world? If there was, did life already exist in this other dimension? Who are populating this "other" universe? What type of civilization do they have? More importantly, how are we connected and related to them? 

It is going back to the moment when the stars, planets, and galaxies were formed.

It is understanding how and why they appeared at all. It is knowing how they behaved and the forces that brought them to such grandeur and harmony; it is discovering our relationship to them - how we are connected to them.     

It is going back to the beginning of life, to the appearance of subhuman species and the primates.

It is a continuing effort of knowing how they lived and how they behaved. It is also understanding how we are similar and in what way are we connected and related to them.


It is going back to the time of the hominids and our early ancestors in order to learn how they, or rather we, lived and survived as a people.

It is knowing what we have in common with them, how we are connected and related to them in terms of our beliefs, views, and behavior. It is learning how, from their crude state of existence, we arrive at today's highly advanced state of human development and civilization.

Espousing a cosmic perspective is being conscious of the present moment, but at the same time aware of our past and our relationship with the entire Cosmos, with Nature, and each other.

Viewing humanity from the cosmic perspective could perhaps still shed us more light to the understanding of who we really are, what our role in the Cosmos is, and what our ultimate destiny is as individuals and as a people.



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